MyBookishThrills is ran by Samanta Ned, a 18 year old student living in Dublin, Ireland, with deep roots in Eastern Europe, hence the 'missing h' in her name,. Samanta is an avid reader, and has been since young age. Samanta says that perhaps she has her god-mother to thank for her deeply rooted love for reading, as the only thing she got from her as presents were books, and eventually everyone in her family followed her lead, and to this day, everyone knows that Samanta's favourite presents are books!

Samanta's motivation for opening MyBookishThrills was lack of people in her life with whom she could spend hours and hours discussing her favorite books and characters, and she feels that with the book blogging community growing everyday, she can definitely find people who will gladly spend crazy amount of time 'freaking out' over a plot twists.

Samanta is an aspiring journalist, and is hoping to one day also write the book of her dreams!