Monday, 6 February 2017

RECOMMENDATIONS: Fantasy for Beginners!

One thing about the bookish community is that we all read differently...Some of us enjoy reading contemporary after contemporary, and others can't imagine reading something other than fantasy series...And some of us (like myself) are somewhere in-between the two, where our obsessive fantasy-reading has to be interrupted by a fluffy contemporary in order to keep our sanity and not go flying off into Cosmos to fight unwordly monsters and dragons..yup. 

Regardless on where on the scale you fall, you probably have reservations about your reading habits, and wish you could read a little bit of everything. But let me're intimidates as hell and don't know where to start...right?!

Well today's post is going out to all my contemporary, and non-fantasy readers. Today I am compiling a post/list (i'm obsessed with lists i know don't judge me too much) for all of you who are intimidates as hell about the thought of committing to a hefty fantasy series with a million characters and a whole new world. 

The recommendations on this post include books that got me into fantasy, ones that I think weren't too intimidating, and ones that I just generally think everyone should read hehe...

"The Mistborn" series by Brandon Sanderson

68428I don't know if this is the most appropriate one to start with intimidation wise, but nevertheless, I'm going to start with it because this is the series that made me genuinely love and admire fantasy, and one that has stayed ingrained in my mind and my heart for months. 

This series has the coolest magic system ever! 'Mistings' are persons who have one particular ability when they ingest one specific metal, and 'Mistborns' are the ones who have ALL the powers by ingesting all the known metals that bring forth the powers. 

The series has 3 books with original cast of characters who face challenge after challenge, and the poor babies never get a minute to breathe before they're being attacked again.  The series then continues in a few more books, hundred of years later after the main events of the series. 

The magic system and the epicness of it will have you reading like a madman alone, and I haven't even started on the amazing, realistic characters, and even more beautiful relationships between them...the freaking romance that was one-of-a-kind. And the ACTION, the POLITICS, the STABBING...Oh my lord...this book just has it all and everyone needs to read it right now!!

It gives me so much joy just to rant about these books in a post, it's unbelievable!

"The Chaos Walking" by Patrick Ness

2118745This might be a more reasonable place to start...Although I can't say that I loved this series as I did the above, it had something unique about it, and every now and then I still remember of it.

This one doesn't have so much of a magic system, but rather abilities acquired by mutation. It follows a boy who was born in a plantation on a planet which humans harvested years ago...the only rarity of this world that our character lives in, is that it makes every male thought audible to all, and females are scarce.

 Also there's a corruption among the men, a horrible secret, and 'alien' natives who were suppressed by these humans, but that are now coming back in forces to fight for their lands. 

If that isn't appealing enough for your contemporary-lovers' interest, there's a cute, young boy as our main character who goes on a wild, fast-paced run to survive and to save the planet, accompanied by a human girl who has literally just landed on this strange new planet. Basically, they're both clueless about different aspects, and it's adorable to watch them both develop and grow through the 3 books...It kind of gives me feels just to think how much they fought to save each other, wow...

"Six Of Crows" by Leigh Bardugo

23006119I'm sure everyone and their mothers have heard of this duology, no matter how much you turn away at the mention of fantasy... This one is also one that I adored and worshiped!

 It has just one of the best cast of characters, that is literally diverse in almost every aspect...sexuality, race, shape, disability, mental literally freaking name it, and it'll be in here! This group of thieves, spies, soldiers and fighters go on a seemingly impossible mission to the world's most secure compound, with the goal of breaking-out the most wanted prisoner in the world.

It's set in a fantasy world of 'Grisha' which the author previously establishes in a trilogy. However, I attempted this trilogy and did not enjoy it...the author's writing is a lot more grown up and appreciable in this duolgy than her previous trilogy...

Obviously, you do not need to have read this trilogy to enjoy 'Six Of Crows'...but as the author herself said, if you want to give it a go - 'Some references in the duology won't fly over your head if you do'.

You might want to leave this one for after your first encounter with fantasy though, as I do believe that it does have some tricky fantasy-based-ideas that might just fly over your head if it's your first go at fantasy. 

"Court of Thorns and Roses" by Sarah. J. Maas

22839894This might be your safest bet at enjoying fantasy, if I'm being honest! This is technically a 'Beauty and The Beast' retelling, but boy does it take it's own wings somewhere along the way. This might aid you with the story, as you will probably know the basic of it, and be able to focus on the fantasy bits, and really enjoy it for what it is. 

This is one I enjoy mostly for the fairy-tale retelling aspect, I won't lie. I adore analyzing the twists and turns that it takes away from the original story, but I'm also quite in love, and quite deeply invested with the characters of this series..

The series is about a world where courts and kingdoms are at rivalry, and our main protagonist finds herself quite torn between a few of them *cough* and their lords hehe*cough*. It's simply entertaining, and fun to experience!

That concludes my list of fantasy recommendations. I hope I have given you some inspiration and direction if you're someone seeking for that when it comes to fantasy. I hope that you will be picking these up soon, and hopefully enjoying them too! Get obsessed with fantasy, it's a whole new world in reading once you do! (literally hahahaha)

Tell me in the comments below if you've maybe already read one of these, and if not, which one caught your eye most? Isn't it obvious which one I love the most...hahaha. Tell me which other fantasy series you're hoping to read? Talk to me about the beauties I rave about above!

All the love,
Samanta. x



  1. I'm still fairly intimidated by fantasy I must admit, especially Sanderson's novels. My husband had read them and loved them, but apart from Sarah J, I tend to like fusion novels of fantasy and dystopian. I'm so eager to read Six of Crows and bought a copy, but at the time didn't realise the connection to her Grisha series, which I couldn't get through book one.

    Ahh, I'm a hopeless reader. This is a wonderful guide Sam, so many readers would love to explore new genres and would love a bit of help <3

    1. I totally get you about the intimidation...I refused to pick up a Sanderson book for months, and then I had a millionth person recommend his books to me and I was like ah screw it! I gave it a chance, and here I am, totally obsessed haha.

      I couldn't get through the first Grisha book either...There were just too many cliche YA tropes in there that I absolutely could not stand and grit my teeth through. However, the writing is much much improved in the Six of Crows!!

  2. I love fantasy but I still haven't read Mistborn! I really need to get on it. I loved Six of Crows so much and definitely agree it would be good for a high fantasy beginner.

    Great post!

    1. Yes, I can't recommend Mistborn to people enough! It's sooo good, I promise! Six of Crows was also beautiful and I'm actually kind of hungover all those beautiful characters right now (in other words: i'm hating on every character i read in other books bcs they're not kaz or wylan or jesper or nina or inej hahaha)

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  3. I've read Mistborn! *raises hand* I LOVED IT SOO MUCH! The fighting, the action, the characters, the plot, everything was AMAZING! While I do admit that the middle section of the book is slow, it was necessary to make things end the way they are! Good post! Have an AMAZING DAY!

    1. Yes!!! I can't even be mad for the slow middle because the writing is still so beautiful, and the world pulled me in 100% that I swear I would have read pages upon pages just of Vin describing the streets of Luthadel as they were viewed from the rooftops, like honestly, Sanderson is a genius and I trust him 100% that everything he puts in his books are necessary and therefore I am happy to read haha.

      Thanks so much for the comment!